Slot Machine Rules

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The way we play slot machine now is actually same to how it was played before. We are talking digital and analog versions here and each machine will have some similarities in how to play them and how to win them. The normal feature would consist of 3 reels with at least 20 symbols or numbers embedded on each one. The aim is to line up combinations in order to win a prize or a bonus.


When we say line up, it is the end process after the person inserts a bet to the feeder that will unlock the spinning mechanism which will reveal the prize. The amount which you have inserted and the symbols that showed up will reveal if the player actually got something or not.

In the classic mechanical game, you will see designs made up of intricate systems of levers, pulleys and gears. The machine has a metal shaft made that supports the reels. This shaft is linked to a lever and when you move this mechanical arm, the reels starts spinning. The slot machine also has a braking tool that will sense if the reels need to stop. In the video version sensors will show the position of the reel to the payout system and tell if there is a combination or not. In the electrical option, motors spin the reels. The system is still the same as the old analog versions. Of course, the electrical one will have more features and a more sophisticated system for the money.

In the electrical versionof online slots, the payout will be displayed so you will already have an idea of how much a certain combination will based on how much coins you have placed. In the old version of the game there is an arm that sits on the side that you have to pull to let the game begin. In the digital versions, you simply see an image of the lever and an animation since you just have to click some buttons to operate the machine.

Understanding the Rules of the Game

A key consideration in playing the game means how to play by the rules. If you wish to play, firstly you should understand main rules, tips cheating methods, paybacks and the instructions. If you cannot discern the rule, ask someone or talk to an attendant to help you. You need to know how many coins to place and the number of lines that should open up. You need to follow the requirements as even if you were able to line up the symbols, you still lose the game. The top lights of the slot machines are called candles. Underneath them, lights of various colors light up corresponding to the amount you get.