Panchinko Game

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This is a celebrated Japanese game that combines the classic pinball and the slot games. Numerous metal pieces are used for the game. In the past, the traditional Pachinko is maneuvered manually and does not require electricity to function. As the years go by, the machines have been upgraded and developed. There are even digital versions of the popular game that you can play on the computer.You are highly recommended to acquaint yourself with the rules of the regular slot machines before playing Pachinko.

In Japan, traditionally, the game is played only in the so-called Pachinko parlors. As the years go by, the game has become very popular and cannot be contained anymore in the parlor. The old version will have a knob with an embedded spring that will be used to release the balls. Of course, with the modern versions, electrical methods are applied. The player can set how powerful the discharge will be but in actuality, it does not rely that much on hand control anymore compared to the old Pachinko machines before.

Old vs. New

A standard machine for Pachinko would include balls just like we use poker chips on popular table games like poker. A number of balls will be purchased in the parlor and then the player will manually load the balls to the machine. The balls will be projected upwards to a space that is full of holes and pins. The player can win more balls that are already included in the machine. In Japan, the balls cannot be changed to money but in some casinos, exchanges for money can be done. In some cases in Japan, some go illegal and sell the balls for money that is lower compared to the price that they paid for it originally.

Of course in the modern times, these illegal practices already have solutions. In casinos, the balls are embedded in the virtual game so you cannot magic out an extra ball on screen. You place the coins directly to the game and then you get a number of balls. The player will then try to shoot the balls to the machine. The machine will record the results and then they will be given coins or credits.

Winning the Game

The aim of the game or how to win is to hit a particular set of holes. Some holes will pay a number of balls and some, though very limited will spin 3 wheels similar to the slots. The reels will show images and this is called a winning spin. It will show the credit or reward that the player will get.

Is there a House Edge?

Compared to the other games, the house edge of Pachinko is tricky to analyze. It is a 2 in one game where you play the pinball machine and the slot machine. It changes and it is very elusive since there are so many patterns that can be made. The machines will also vary from each other.