Slots Facts

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It seems that everyone knows everything about the slot machines and how fast the gaming industry develops. There are some interesting facts behind the curtains of the mere slot machine, which we can see anywhere in the casinos or even airports of the land of gaming called Las Vegas.

Some History

None would be surprised that there is a story of one man behind the slot machine invention. A lot of the players and average people heard of Charles Fey, who actually invented this game of chance. He was not a complete inventor, who worked hard on it and started his work from scratch.

Charles, or Charley (possibly his wife called him that name) took the fruit machine as a prototype for his invention. The fruit machine was a vending machine. You put some coins to the slot, pull the lever and you get a candy. It could be cherry, lemon, and watermelon flavored hard candy. And you can see now why the classic machines are sometimes called fruit machines. Also the symbols were the fruit symbols on the first machines.

Can you imagine that every slot machine was made of cast iron? It would not be than nice it fell on someone. Then the time of the Liberty Bell came, when the cracked bell symbol appeared on the machine. The first slot jackpot did not differ a lot from the current one. It was paid when the symbols of one kind were lined up on a single payline. The notion was not as broad as now. And the people knew only one line.

Video Poker? Video Poker!

When the slots entered the life of people, a lot of games were incarnated in the symbols of them. And one of the most difficult games in the emotional sense also moved to the machine. This game is called video poker. You don't feel any tension; there is only you and the machine.

There are some variations of this game, which actually differ from the live poker but still they are easy to learn and the rules remain the same. That is even more beneficial. The game was brought to the slot machine with the introduction of the video slot machines.

What concerns the player's odds, they are pretty good in this game. Everything depends on the variation you play. It can vary from -1% to about +.7%. And it puts the player to a nicer position in the game. It also has some strategies for winning and what is easy is that you can stick to an average strategy and win with it.