Slot Bonus Games

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Say, while playing the game, the game screen transports you to a unique screen where you can spin for a unique bonus. There are also some formats where the reels changed and you need to choose the symbols to find points behind them. This is different from the so-called free spin or the gamble feature. The gamble feature though can be considered a bonus. The purpose of the bonus game is to get some extra winnings and unlike the gamble feature, you would not risk anything from the spin.

How Did It Get Started?

The very first bonus game for slots happened in the Reel Em In game. It was created in 1996 by WMS. The key is that with the move to microchips, developers find a way to develop a much better way to boost entertainment value on the online games. And so there are amazing bonus games that we can enjoy today. The bonus games serve as mini computer games and are a fantastic feature in the slot machines. One of the popular providers, Rival has manufactured the iSlots. They have a number of amazing bonus games that have amazing story lines and interactive appeal. They make the game very engaging, and very much like a little story.

How Can You Have the Bonus Feature?

These free spins and bonus games will mostly have a trigger called the bonus symbol. If there are 3 or more symbols of this kind appear on screen, if could trigger the special feature. It is necessary to check the slots paybacks percentage, pay table as they will show the bonus symbols and there will be an explanation about how to play the game and how to trigger the game. These scatter symbols can also trigger the bonus game. If you get a winning combination, the gamble feature is activated.

Other Bonus Games

The bonus games can either be one of two kinds. Some games can be very simple and the players can just pick an item to show the additional prices. This is the pick an item format for the bonus games.

Another version would include a certain level of skill. In some cases, you have to shoot some moving objects and them if the objects are hit, you will get a price every time you hit them. This is a skill based format.