History of the Slot Machines

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There are a great variety of slot nowadays progressives, onlie, straight, pachinko and other.But let`s find out the history of the first slot machine.In 1895, Charles Fey invented the original slot machine. By 1907, together with the Mills Novelty, Fey manufactured the Liberty Bell. This is made of a cast iron material with toes. In the following models, the toes were eliminated and then scroll feet were placed instead. The reels depict the playing cards and it also has a bell when you get a combination right. Sadly, this bell was dropped. The concept now has been used for modern slots o signal the winner that he got the jackpot!

Here are the Events that Happened

  • Mills Novelty collaborated to design the liberty Bell in 1910 which was called operator bell. This has a fantastic coin entry and is the original user of symbols of the now famous plum, bar and cherry and others.
  • Over 30 thousand slots were made even if those slots are very heavy being made of cast iron where they are around 100 pounds in weight.
  • In 1915, cast iron machines ceased to be produced. A less expensive and more lightweight option was used by Mills. By the 1930s, they created some changes that revolutionized the industry.
  • The first initial upgrade was to make it less terrible to hear. This is the reason why they are called the silent bell.
  • The Mills Company also used the double jackpot so that the players can win another one sequentially.
  • The cabinets made were very ornate and colorful to really make it memorable to people. In 1931, Lion head was made. Another on was War Eagle, then Roman Head and the Castle Front.
  • The Lion Head used the gooseneck acceptor and has become the standard in 1920. The War Eagle used a much better kind of receptacle that is see through so that there is security and you can make sure that no slugs are used.

For someone who checks out the casino for the very first time, they know how the slots work. You put the money and pull the handle, check the combination and then find out if you get the jackpot. Compared to other games, this is less intimidating and you just really love its amazing functionality and amazing appeal.

The slot machines are the most lucrative of all the games in casinos and more than half of the profits are from these games. Imagine that in the 1998 earnings of a Nevada Casino, around 5 billion or 64 percent came from the slot machines.