Progressive Slot Machines

Available on all devices


The progressive and straight machines are the most common types of slots that are used today.
You will undoubtedly like the progressive slot machines. The jackpot increases depending on a specific percentage added when money is fed into the machine. Usually a number of these slots in any casino will feed a percentage into the joint jackpot and when any of the machines connected to the network crack the jackpot then they can payout. That means that in this wide network of online slots, one can win the total jackpot once then play the game on the designated slot. The network can be between casinos or just between particular floors of a single casino chain.

Multiple Reels

We have the common slots that utilize 3 reels with symbols on each of them. In some setups, 4 or 5 reels are present. If the reels are numerous, the chances to win decrease considerably. Of course the only thing that makes this appealing is that the prize money is usually greater due to the difficulty. A slot machine can provide a payout of around 80 up to 98 percent of the stored cash based on a previous play. These common slot machines would normally have 1 payline and on every pay line, you need to insert a coin. Some even require 3 pay lines. The number of coins used to the pay line is in proportion with the value used to operate the machine. If you play more, there is a chance to win more.

If you win small amounts, the machine can deliver it directly to you to claim. If you won a massive jackpot, the casino will pay the prize to the winner. If you win the game, the casino employees will come right over to notify you and check if the win is valid. Of course winning is good, but you need to know your limits so play only up to what is most convenient for your funds and not with your gut feel. Of course, there is a required coin number to be placed to qualify for a win. When you check the slot machine, always look for the greatest jackpot as this will be the most exciting to play.

Online Progressive Slots

If land based casinos have progressive slots, the online casinos also have a similar thing wherein the slots online are linked and a percentage of your bets will be allocated to the jackpot. These types of slots rapidly grow because so many players bet and put a percentage of the bets to the jackpot. The prizes can even go 6 figures and even more. If you want to win something that is really impressive, these are the kinds of slot machines you need to play.