Slots Odds

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If you play in the Mega Lotto every week, you must have heard that you have better odds of getting struck by lightning than winning this Lotto. Take note of the word odds. This is a word that has a dictionary meaning of a certain probability about a certain thing could happen to someone or something. We all use the word in various things. We ask for the odds of dating a nice girl or getting the perfect man. Of course, in online casinos, the concept of odds has a more favorable connotation for players compared to those in the land casinos. The land based goes up to 92 but online is almost perfect with 98. Think about it, every time a new casino opens, the competition increases. Casinos will find a way to make the odds more favorable, to make more higher game bonuses for players and attract them.

Online Casinos and the Winning Odds

So, how does this actually work? Well, let us analyze with the help of a sample. You go to online slots and chose to spin a dollar every time. The payout is at 98%. The casino automatically gets 2%. So in this situation, casinos would ideally increase the percentage so that the players get more chances of winning because more and more will play the game or continue playing the game. Imagine if the number of players increased twice or thrice, the online revenue will increase also. So, it means you get more opportunities of winning compared to the land based ones.

They are to your Favor!

The online casinos are very generous and put the advantage of winning to your side. It is very simple slots mathematics. You run a land based casino and you pay for the location, the energy consumed, the amenities, the workers and all. Most casinos will get their revenue from the slots. Now, look at the online casino. Compared to a land based one, it is not as expensive and overheads are low. The competition is greater since you increase the percentage of payouts. Aside from that, bonuses and promotions are plenty. You never get that from a land based casino

Try to Play at Online Slots

Online casinos, even the popular ones are affected by the bad economy. The online casinos though are still experiencing a massive increase. This is because of the accessibility that is present in playing in the computers as well as other devices. As you can see, the odds are with you in the online realm so do yourself a favor and choose the better odds while your playing.