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Slot games are undeniably the most popular games in the casino history. It is so easy to understand why this game is amazing. It can actually just change the life of a person with just a spin. The great thing is that there are amazing books whwrw you can find interesting facts. Moreover, you can enjoy to learn the slot machine mechanism. These books that are included here can be bought on online book stores and they are very well priced and the information is quite reliable and definitely finds to read.

Daniel R. Mead: Handbook of Slot Machine Reel Strips

Those who collect antique slots might run into a brick wall of understanding the percentage of payout in a certain machine. It feels like the owner of the slots has thought of the question of how much percentage it would pay.

There is a comprehensive chapter in formulating the equations in order to compute the payout statistics of the slot machine. There are sections of the book that can show how these charts are designed, with explanations and examples on how the charts are used.

This is not a book that can be used by everyone and is recommended for students, enthusiast's collectors and historians.

Martin J. Silverthorne: Power Slots

Power Slots is a precision strategy that you need to discover so that you can find the best casino slots. Most slot players understand that in order to win, you need to minimize the losses and only press when you are winning. A slot machine has some cycles. When it is on a pay cycle, it is best to take advantage. Once you have learned the cycle, you can already pay well. This is the reference that can show how to find this.

Larry Mak: Secrets of Modern Slot Playing

This is a very entertaining and upcoming book with amazing clues on playing the game so that you can take advantage of the reel spinning as well as video slots. This book is full of information about the coinless slots and how they work. This book can also provide information about popular myths about the slots, streaks, luck and various mistakes and the right betting strategies as well as how casinos want you to think.

Frank Legato & Frank Scoblete: How to Win Millions Playing Slot Machines: ... Or Lose Trying

Legato is a popular slot expert. In this book, he provides his experience running for about 20 years. He researched and wrote and played games of one armed bandit. You can read the material and enjoy the slot games. You can win millions or you could just die trying.

David Mead: Reel History

This book was made by David Mead who is the son of the late Dan Mead. This is a perfect companion of the Loose change Blue Book which is a fantastic resource for novices and experts. This offers a great deal of information about the reels before the 1980s.